We receive donations through National Christian FoundationClearWater Church    

We receive donations through National Christian Foundation & ClearWater Church Colorado.

Mission Work in Pakistan

Food for the Hungry 

We have been providing food for the desperately poor since 2008. We not only provide meals, but also food distribution during flood disasters. Since 2008 we have provided the poor with over 76,800 nutritious meals. This work is an ongoing ministry, providing over 800 meals per month all over the Sindh region. The local church is responsible for providing these meals under the guidance of Feed the Hungry Tribes.

Water for the Thirsty 

In the regions we work, the water is not drinkable. The people suffer from constant dehydration and liver disease. From 2008 to 2013 we installed 5 hand pumps in different villages, providing water for many rural areas. The water however, was still not pure enough for drinking as it only strained sediments from the ground water. Then in 2016 we were able to install 2 major water filtration systems next to the pastor’s homes in these areas. The water is much cleaner and safer to drink. This also allows the pastors to meet people and show them love.

New Elementary Schools Open in Pakistan!
After more than 8 years of praying, God has released the provision for three new elementary
schools to open in very poor area of Sindh, Southern Pakistan.
The children in these areas are mostly slaves, working in the fields for only food to eat. This
cycle of poverty traps them with no opportunity to escape. The vision for these schools is to
give the children a 5 year elementary education that allows them receive vocational training
later in such areas as motorcycle repair, tailoring, and hair cutting. This will break the cycle of
poverty, release them from slavery, and give them hope for their future.

Medicine for the Sick 

Since 2008 we have provided 9 free mobile medical camps to serve the poor and suffering. The camps were led by trained doctors and nurses. In some instances, our work was lifesaving, especially for the children who often suffer from dehydration caused by intestinal disease. We have treated over 2000 patients since 2008

Sponsor a Slave Child to change his/her dark future

You are requested to Sponsor a Slave Child to change his/her dark future. You can donate 10$/month or 120/Per Year. Altogether, we have 155 children. Please visit our pages SPONSOR A SLAVE CHILD 1-2-3 for details.